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Unable to Connect to BeagleBone Black via Ethernet

Unable to Connect to BeagleBone Black via Ethernet

Everything works fine when the BeagleBone Black is connected to a computer via USB but when connected to the network via Ethernet it does not work. I ran into this issue when I first started using my BeagleBone Black out-of-the-box and again when I updated the OS to Debian.

Here is the solution:

  1. Connect the BBB to your computer via USB and give it time to boot
  2. In a web browser open the Cloud9 IDE by going to You may be prompted to choose some settings, I like the defaults.
  3. Create a new file, paste in the script below, and run it
    var fs = require("fs");
    var destroyed_key_file = "/etc/dropbear/dropbear_rsa_host_key";
    fs.readFile(destroyed_key_file, function (err, data) {
      if (err) throw err;
      if( data===null || data.length===0 )
        console.log("we have a corrupted host key file... try do delete it");
        fs.unlink(destroyed_key_file, function (err) {
        if (err) throw err;
            console.log("successfully deleted " + destroyed_key_file);
            console.log("you should now reboot your beaglebone.");
            console.log("the /etc/init.d/dropbear script will create a new rsa host key file for you.");
            console.log("after the reboot you should be able to login over ssh");
      } else {
          console.log("it seems that you have another problem, sorry");
  4. Now shutdown, I like to sudo shutdown -hP now, the USR lights will all go out when it is shut down
  5. Now you can unplug the BBB from USB and plug in an Ethernet cable and power adapter.
    1. You should now be able to access the BBB from anywhere on your network using http://beaglebone.local or ssh beaglebone.log.

      Thanks to!msg/beagleboard/Ya2qE4repSY/u4lvOjF66JEJ


  1. Dave Nelson Dave Nelson April 25, 2014

    This does not appear to be an issue with the Debian builds.

  2. bob bob September 2, 2015

    Disabled the wicd service absentmindedly one day lol and didn’t realize you could connect to your laptop and get networking capabilities. Thanks for this.

  3. Suraj Partani Suraj Partani March 20, 2016

    I bought a BBB a month ago , It had Debian. Everything was fine.
    Then I tried to flash Ubuntu image I waited for 1 hour but the lights were still blinking in the pattern.
    Then I tried to install Debian back
    After that the lights at ethernet port (green and orange) would never go of , and the LAN port stopped working.Please Help me

    • davenelson davenelson March 23, 2016

      I am sorry, I have not worked with the BBB since shortly after I wrote the blog entry. The BBB mailing list may be of some help.

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