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Month: June 2014

Tips from a Pro: Travel Photography by Nicole S. Young

This Tips from a Pro book from Nicole S. Young (Nicolesy) about Travel Photography.

I have known about Nicolesy for awhile now, she has been on various Leo Laporte podcasts and radio shows that I listen to, and I have always liked what she has had to say.

I read this book using Safari Books Online as a part of my subscription but at only $8 it is an easy one to pick up. It is very short with only 67 pages. I read it while eating lunch and watching my son play at a Chic-fil-A playground, probably an hour-and-a-half altogether.

I enjoyed it and think it is well worth the money.

I rate Tips from a Pro: Travel Photography a 7 out of 10 and recommend it to anyone looking for some quick photography tips.


The Monster Hunter International Series by Larry Correia

There are currently 4 books in the Monster Hunter International series and each one is as great as the last. This was my second time listening to all 4 of the audiobooks. Really it was my first time listening to them consecutively, man what a ride.

Book 5: Monster Hunter Nemesis is coming out in July and is available for pre-order now, I expect to listen to or read it as soon as it comes out.

These books are full of action but unlike so many others there is a lot of character building and depth. Both the protagonists and antagonists get a real chance to shine.

I rate the Monster Hunter International series a 9 out of 10 and recommend them to anyone looking for a science fiction/fantasy series full of action.


The Grimnoir Chronicles by Larry Correia

There are currently 3 books in the Grimnoir Chronicles, Hard Magic, Spellbound, and Warbound written by Larry Correia and they are all fantastic.

This was my second listen-through of these three audiobooks, I have listened to first two more than that, but my second time to listen to them all consecutively. What an amazing ride.

The hardboiled universe of The Grimnoir Chronicles that Jake Sullivan and Faye Vierra inhabit is a mix of our world circa 1920s and a world full of magic, coming together to create an amazing experience.

I absolutely love these books and they are on my list of books that I will read again-and-again for the rest of my life.

I rate The Grimnoir Chronicles a 10 out of 10 and recommend them to anyone who likes mystery, science fiction, or fantasy.


The Color of Magic and The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett

This is about my fifth re-read of The Color of Magic and The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett. Man I love these books so much and I look forward to reading them along with the rest of the Discworld series over-and-over again. And I can’t wait to introduce them to my son.

These two books combined are the story that introduces our feeble world to Discworld and the multitude of characters that it contains. Rincewind is the protagonist of these books, but Sir Pratchett does such an amazing job of giving the other characters a chance to stand out and be compelling in their own right, I absolutely love the tourist Twoflower and his luggage (especially the luggage!)

I highly recommend the entire Discworld series and anything else that Terry Pratchett has written or will ever write.

I read these books on my old-school “Keyboard Kindle”.

I rate The Color of Magic and The Light Fantastic 11 out of 10 and recommend everybody give them a try.