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Learning Adobe Edge Animate CC by Tony Ross

Learning Adobe Edge Animate CC training video from Infinite Skills Inc. featuring Tony Ross is a great place to start learning Adobe Edge Animate.

I found Tony’s voice easy to listen to, his explanations easy to understand, and the video of the computer screen easy to read and follow.

Half way through the video I built my first animation, it’s good stuff.

Edge Animate has a lot of problems as an application, it is definitely going to improve as new versions are released, and this video does nothing to highlight those problems and steer you clear of them. But the video is definitely worth watching closely. You can learn about the bugs and limitations somewhere else.

I think Tony Ross and Infinite Skills did a great job making a training video that can get anyone familiar with other Adobe applications up and running in Adobe Edge Animate.

I rate Learning Adobe Edge Animate CC an 8 out of 10 and recommend it to anyone looking to learn how to use Adobe Edge Animate.

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