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Why not an iPhone

After a lot of consideration we have decided to buy a second Palm Centro instead of an iPhone.

There many reasons I would really like a 3G iPhone, iTunes support, a beautiful screen, a decent camera, great web browser, and now with the App store about to open I am sure there will be a lot of great applications available. But I have been a PalmOS user for many years, right from the begining actually with the Palm Personal.

I have a lot of software for the PalmOS including Chapura Express, Documents to Go, Mobipocket, Jmileage, a handful of games, and some productivity tools. I have the phone sync’d with my Yahoo! calendar which is sync’d with both my personal calendar and my office calendar.

I find the real keyboard on the centro much easier to type on, it works for me even with motorcycle gloves when I enter my mileage. In fact, I typed this into Word To Go before posting it.

Cost is another consideration, with a 2-year extension the Centro is only $99 and add $20 for a 4GB microSD card. Compared to the cost of the $299 iPhone it is a real bargain. And with the Centro you can choose from different providers instead of being stuck with AT&T not to mention a wider choice of plans than the iPhone.

Oh yeah, with the Centro I can cut-and-paste, even between apps.


  1. Scott Scott July 28, 2009

    Now that the iPhone can copy and paste – have you changed your stance?

    • Dave Nelson Dave Nelson July 28, 2009

      I have not changed my mind due to copy and paste functionality, but I have changed my mind. The App Store has become the killer app. It makes good on the promise that all of the smart phone market has been making for years but no other manufacturer has been able to create.

      In October I will most likely be buying a pair of iPhones for myself and my wife, I am really looking forward to all of the apps and using it as an extension of my Apple laptop and desktop.

      BUT… Having to put up with AT&T is going to be really painful.

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