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Starship: Pirate by Mike Resnick

I bought this book from Audible and listened to it using the Audible app for iPhone.

This is the second book in Mike Resnick’s Starship series.

This book is much better than the first book Starship Mutiny, Mike Resnick’s sense of humor sneaks its way in, not as much as I would like, but it is present.

Even though I found this book not quite in the same league as Santiago or Widowmaker, it is a good read.

From the publisher:

Captain Wilson Cole’s latest exploit saved millions of lives but embarrassed his superiors. He is a man with a reputation for exceeding orders but getting results. Cole has found himself the victim of a media feeding frenzy, a political scapegoat despite years of dedicated military service. Faced with a court martial, he is rescued by the loyal crew of his ship, the Theodore Roosevelt. Now branded mutineers, the crew of the Teddy R. has quit the Republic, never to return.

Seeking to find a new life for themselves, Cole and comrades remake the Teddy R. as a pirate ship and set sail for the lawless Inner Frontier. There, powerful warlords, cut-throat pirates, and struggling colonies compete for survival in a game where you rarely get a second chance to learn the rules.

But military discipline is poor preparation for a life of pillaging and plundering, and Cole’s principles limit his targets. Seeking an education on the nature of piracy, Cole hunts more knowledgeable players: the beautiful but deadly Valkyrie, the enigmatic alien fence David Copperfield, and the fearsome alien pirate known as the Hammerhead Shark.

BONUS AUDIO: Includes an exclusive introduction by author Mike Resnick.
© 2006 by Mike Resnick; (P)2008 Audible, Inc.

I rate this book a 7 out of 10 and recommend reading it after reading Mike’s Santiago, Widowmaker, and Galactic Midway books.

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