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Reflex by Steven Gould

Reflex is the second book in the Jumper series by Steven Gould.

This story has a split focus. One half of the story follows Davy and what he goes through while held captive by the mysterious bad guys and the other half follows his wife Millie and her… Whoops, almost let some major spoilers go there.

This story is as good if not better than the first one. We get to dive more into who Davy has chosen to be as a person and get to know Millie a lot better. A very nice read indeed.

Macleod Andrews does a very fine job narrating the story and I will always think of he voice as being Davy’s.

I bought this audiobook from Audible and listened to it using the Audible app on my iPhone.

From the publisher:

Davy has always been alone. He believes that he’s the only person in the world who can teleport. But what if he isn’t?

A mysterious group of people has taken Davy captive. They don’t want to hire him, and they don’t have any hope of appealing to him to help them. What they want is to own him. They want to use his abilities for their own purposes, whether Davy agrees to it or not. And so they set about brainwashing him and conditioning him. They have even found a way to keep a teleport captive.

But there’s one thing that they don’t know. No one knows it, not even Davy. And it might save his life….

©2004 Steven Gould (P)2011 Audible, Inc.

I rate this book an 8 out of 10 and recommend it to anyone who likes science fiction and superpower books.

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