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Photography is not a Crime

Please do not let this happen to you. If you have the time and stubbornness please push the issue of Photographer’s rights as far as you can.

Trey Ratcliff of Stuck in Customs was harassed recently in Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park trying to take photos of the World of Coca-Cola museum and told that he was not allowed to take photos of the building.

I will be getting in contact with management of the museum and see if I can find out what their policy actually is.

Here is a link to Trey’s blog post:

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  1. dawggeek dawggeek October 4, 2009

    This is getting more common. Under the guise of “preventing terrorism” police are stopping photographers from shooting buildings for “fear” the images will be used for planning horrific bombings or something. I am all for stopping idiots from hurting people but useless losses of freedom take away from a quality life here.

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