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Financial Peace

About four years ago I found myself deep in debt to the point that I spent many nights laying awake worrying about it. I was making enough money to pay the bills that came in the mail every month, but there wasn’t a lot of money left over for having fun. I was fed up and sick of it all.

I sat down with my computer and worked out a written budget, I included everything I spent money on every month, all of the bills, food, gas, rent, etc… Putting everything in a spreadsheet where I could see exactly where the money was going made it much easier for me to funnel more money to my largest bills. After two years I had made a very nice dent in the mountain of debt.

Then I heard this guy on the radio telling people that they needed to have a written budget and to spend every dollar on purpose. This rang true enough with me that I started to really listen to him and tweaking the way I was working my plan.

His name is Dave Ramsey and over the last couple of years his plan has helped thousands of people make a real difference in their lives, including mine. Dave’s message is now available on the radio, television, multiple best selling books, and Financial Peace University.

About a year ago I married my beautiful wife; we owed money on two cars, credit cards, and a student loan. Over the past year, following what we learned by reading “The Total Money Makeover” and “Financial Peace Revisited” along with taking the “Financial Peace University Online” course, we not only paid off all those loans, but we were also able to pay cash for our wedding, buy a new camera, pay for a broken timing belt, and many other surprises that were no big deal because we had a plan.

What we have learned from Dave Ramsey over the last two years has not only changed our lives but will have repercussions for our entire family tree for generations to come.

For more information about Dave Ramsey and FPU:

We are holding FPU at St. Michaels in Brookhaven August 19th to November 11th on Tuesday nights. Contact Neal Marwitz at [email protected] for more information or to sign up.

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